Holidays in Rablà, Parcines

"I'm dreaming of high rocks, open spaces and the sky above my head. I'm so sad without it."

Can you relate to that? Then you're lucky to have found our holiday homes in Rablà near Parcines. And here's why! 

2 cable cars that take you quickly to the top. 
240 km of hiking trails and about as many of bike trails, for splendid adventures through beautiful landscapes. 
13 peaks over 3000 metres high, with lots of exciting challenges for fans of high altitude sports. 
Plenty of winter fun in the ski resorts of Merano 2000, Monte San Vigilio near Lana, and Schwemmalm in Valle d'Ultimo, on the Val Senales glacier and in the Plan ski area in Val Passiria. 
Right outside your door: the Tessa Group Nature Park. 
7 km away: The famous spa town of Merano. 

Lots of adventures to look forward to. 
Welcome to your holiday in Parcines.

Our insider tips!

Stone Quarry Trail

"Steinbruchtrail" (Stone Quarry Trail) | From Riolagundo to Monte San Vigilio

  • Riolagundo lower ski lift station - Seespitze (Cima Lavazze)
  • 1:30 hrs
  • 6 km
  • 100 hm
  • 1216 hm
  • difficult
Tobi's favourite trail
"This single trail descent is the perfect way to get an adrenalin fix and relieve tension. You can ride straight from our building up to your starting point, the Cima Lavazze. But if you want an easier start, you can take the Riolagundo cable car up to the top. The descent is mainly straightforward, but technically challenging at certain points. The trail finishes at the former stone quarry. 
N.B.: if you've come here without a bike, no problem! Our local rental service offers some high quality bikes. Just book one online and get it delivered to our building."

Walk to the Parcines Waterfall

  • Texel cable car lower station
  • 2:57 hrs
  • 5.8 km
  • 484 hm
  • 485 hm
  • easy
Rosi's favourite outing
"Some people have the Eiffel Tower, we have the Parcines Waterfall: a magnificent natural sight and a symbol of our local area. The water drops straight down for 97 metres, making it one of the loveliest waterfalls in the Alps! It's an ideal outing for families and a perfect way to top up your energy levels. You can get there straight from our building. From the Texel cable car station, first follow path no. 1, and then no. 23. Don't worry: the path is well signposted and you can both hear and see the waterfall from quite a distance. An interesting fact: the water vapour exposed to sunlight not only creates spectacular rainbow effects, but also has particular benefits for the respiratory tract and lungs."
Hike to the Orenknott

Hike to the Orenknott

  • Top station of the Texel cable car
  • 3:45 hrs
  • 7.2 km
  • 760 hm
  • 760 hm
  • medium difficulty
Karl's favourite place
"There are many little-known places around Merano, and the Arenknott is one of them. This unspoiled spot is right off the beaten track, a place where you still get a sense of genuine freedom. Although it's quite a demanding climb, you'll see some wonderful flora and fauna along the way. And the best moment comes when you reach the summit and see the amazing view of Parcines, the valley, and the surrounding mountains. You could stay here for hours on end, just gazing at this beautiful natural spectacle."
Saxner Path to the Leiter alm

The Saxner Path to the Leiter Alm mountain hut

  • byRosi Apartments
  • 3:58 hrs
  • 9.9 km
  • 585 hm
  • 585 hm
  • medium difficulty
Lisi's favourite trail
"When the trees show off all their autumn colours, walking along the Saxner Path is a unique experience. The hike starts from our building and takes you from Parcines to Velloi, above Lagundo. There's also a prehistoric settlement along the way, called the Burgstallknott."

Hochgang Mountain Hut (Casa del Valico)

  • Plars di Mezzo - Lagundo
  • 4:00 hrs
  • 12.2 km
  • 350 hm
  • 1.430 hm
  • medium difficulty
Recommended by Rosi and Karl
"On a hot summer day, there's nothing better than a cool mountain breeze. The Hochgang Mountain Hut offers a warm welcome and delicious local cooking. The restaurant stands at a height of 1,839 metres, along the Alta Via di Merano in the heart of the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park. You can sit and enjoy the splendid view and bask in the beauty of the mountains."

Monte Sole scenic path

  • byRosi
  • 2:33 hrs
  • 7.74 km
  • 496 hm
  • 592 hm
  • medium difficulty
Recommended by Lisi
"A lovely excursion ... and the name says it all! The Monte Sole trail is many kilometres long and runs from Parcines to Malles. Fortunately, scenic path no. 91 is rather shorter. It takes you from Rablà to the nearby village of Naturno. There are many splendid viewpoints along the way, so make sure you take your camera. You can either choose to walk back, or travel by bus or the Val Venosta railway."
Klettersteig Ziel

Ziel or Rio di Tel Via Ferrata

  • Top station of the Texel cable car
  • 4:00 hrs
  • 8.5 km
  • 702 hm
  • 701 hm
  • medium difficulty
Recommended by Lisi & Tobi
"The 530-metre long via ferrata takes you from the top of the Parcines waterfall to the Nasereit mountain hut and the scenic Gingglegg. It varies in difficulty from level B to C, with some more challenging sections at level D. A special highlight? The "Flying Fox" which takes you across the river Tel - it's almost like being in flight."
Canal path

Morning walk along the Rablà canal path

  • byRosi Apartments
  • 1:49 hrs
  • 3.3 km
  • 94 hm
  • 95 hm
  • easy
Recommended by Rosi
"I like walking along the canal path first thing in the morning, when the birds are just beginning to sing. The path is flat and suitable for pushchairs."
Zielspitz mountain peak

Zielspitz mountain peak

  • Top station of the Tessa cable car
  • 8:00 hrs
  • 12.6 km
  • 1.540 hm
  • 1.540 hm
  • difficult
Recommended by Tobi
"The Zielspitz has all the best features of a 3000-metre peak. The climb up is long, steep, and difficult in places, but very rewarding in the end. When you reach the top, you get a truly amazing view! You can see from Merano to the Sarentine Alps, from the peaks of the Dolomites to the permanent glaciers, and from the Ortles to the many summits over three thousand metres high."
Typewriter Museum

Would you like a little break?

Would you like a little break?
"You need a day of leisure now and again, to relieve your aching legs. It's the perfect opportunity to visit the Typewriter Museum (a collection of 2000 exhibits, covering the invention of the typewriter to the present day), or Train World (1,000 m² of exhibition space with 800 metres of tracks, 70 trains, 400 vehicles, 12,000 miniature figures). Both of these museums are in Rablà."
Endless fun on the slopes

Endless fun on the slopes

Recommended by Karl
"Rablà is right at the centre of winter fun. The following are all nearby: the Merano 2000 ski area (with 40 km of slopes), the ski runs at Monte San Vigilio near Lana (5 km of slopes), the Val Senale glacier ski area (42 km of slopes), and the Plan ski resort in Val Passiria (18 km of slopes). A special tip for all those who love skiing: on the Val Senales glacier, the ski season starts as early as September and lasts until May."
Happines on narrow skis

Happiness on narrow skis

Recommended by Rosi
"This 3-km loop is at Falzeben, near the lower cable car station of the same name. The trail takes you through a lovely winter landscape, and is suitable for beginners, children, and anyone who just enjoys cross-country skiing."
Toboggan run

Toboggan run

Recommended by Rosi
"A perfect day for all the family? Sledging, of course! The toboggan run begins at the upper station for the Merano 2000 ski lifts and takes you right down to Falzeben."

Services for an active byRosi summer

  • Ötzibike bike rental: choose the bike you want online (MTB, E-bike, trekking bike, trailer bike, etc.) and have it brought to your door
  • Corner with information material, maps and brochures
  • MeranCard
Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.

Jobs fill your pocket.
Adventures fill your soul.

Jaime Lyn Beatty